Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alright here is another go on Blogging!

Ok so I'm really been horrible about blogging. I've been looking at lots of blogs lately and getting the bug. Lots has happened since I last blogged. The girls are 7 and 4 now. I've been married for over a year, we traveled to Mexico for our honeymoon then to South Africa to visit Casey's parents on their mission, we took the girls to West Palm Beach to spend time with my parents in a timeshare I went to as a child, then off to Disney Land for a week with Casey's family (enough trips for a year) . We've now got 5 dogs, Casey's 2 (Nel and Roo, Border Collies), my 2 (Jack and Limit, Border Collie and BorderX) and Gus a Great Dane (he's the family dog), 2 cats Pinki and Moon/Squishy, and 4 chickens Pink, Candy Land, Hilda, and Wayvos (can't spell it, it means eggs in Spanish) . I've opened my own grooming business called Canine Cool Cutz and I groom from home. I didn't make enough to make it worth it so I've canceled my business license and am just grooming for fun.

Life has been great. There are many changes to come in our lives but right now we're taking it slow, loving summer break, and dying in the sweltering Las Vegas heat.

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