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Grocery Smarts!! Couponing made EASY

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Love this site. type in a passport ID (I've posted all of the codes for the states that have one) This site takes all the stores you shop at in your area and breaks down the store ads with online, Smart Source, RedPlum, and other coupons so you can get the most from your paycheck. If you have ANY questions how to use it I can give you a quick 10 min. class over the phone or email and you'll be on your way. It's free!! PLEASE check it out. I get nothing from you doing it but you'll get so much savings out of it and it makes couponing sooooo easy. If your state does not have representatives/passport codes, you can still look at the common stores like Walmart, Kmart, Target etc. Those are nation wide and even though prices change from store to store, ie. Walmart, you can still print out coupons to couple and save loads! They recommend that you have one Sunday newspaper delivered to your home per house hold member so you can stock up on deals instead of just getting to purchase one items. Example: my RS president subscribes to 5 Sunday papers where she gets 5 sets of coupons... She had a coupon for Crest Toothpaste plus it was on sale at the grocery store... she was able to get 5 tubes of toothpaste for .25 cents each.


Passports I've found for states they are in:
Arizona: g85ro1
N. Cal: g96ro1 and g96ssb
S. Cal: g92ro1
Idaho: g83ro1
Nevada: g89cls, g89jac, and g89cna (S. Nevada)
Oregon: g97ro1
Washington: g99ro1
Utah: g84ro1, g84cdp, g84rcm, g84csj, and g84ctk

If you find any more passport codes or find that some of these don't work anymore please post comments here and let us know.

Steps when you get on
1. go to and either enter your passport code or select the state you live in.
2. If you entered your passport it will take you to a screen where you select what store you want to view, if you went in via state you will come to a screen where you will click a drop down menu then select the big chain store for your state.
3. Find the "Start" button at the upper right side of the page once you click that the page will turn gray.
4. You can then click on the red star that says "Stock Up Scale" that will highlight all of the items that are great deals or ranked 4 or more stars.
5. You can then go through the list and select/unselect the items you want to purchase. (the ones you want to purchase will be white).
6. Some of the ads will have additional comments and tell you where you can print off a coupon or find the coupon in SS (Smart Source), RP (RedPlum), and PG (Proctor and Gamble). The online coupons are really easy because it gives you the link to print the coupon (some u can print 2 times).
7. After you've found all the deals you want for that store click "print" in the upper right hand of the page and you're ready.

In the additional comments here's how to read:

Listerine Antiseptic 500mL or larger OR Reach Floss OR Reach Access Flosser any (Items/varieties u can buy)$1.50/2 (the coupon takes $1.50 off when you buy 2) (12-31-11) (When coupon expires) JohnsonsSS-1/9 (Where to find the coupon, Johnsons Smart Source the 1/9/11 mailout)

Please contact me by commenting if you have any further questions or comments.

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